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A List:


So recently a lot has occurred in my life that has tied ropes around my ankles and pulled me to the bottom of the deepest, darkest, sea-weed-filled mental lake I could have imagined. There are days I lay in bed and just look up and wonder how this all works out or doesn’t. Coping is the best way to make it out alive and it took a while to figure out what helps me. & so, this is the list (I’m really just sharing it because I know that I am not the only person in the world down and struggling; and I’d like to offer a hand, word, shoulder, whatever. I normally don’t make lists Butttt it made me feel better) Some are assumed, some are absurd, but most will help you smile again. :)

Ways to be happy in the worst of times:

  • Make your bed before you sleep in it.
  • Listen to your favorite song before sleeping.
  • Keep water next to your bed.
  • Set your alarm for the following morning with something to do such as yoga, a run, or just to make a pot of coffee. (sleeping in with no estimated time to wake up sometimes makes you feel like there isn’t a point.)
  • Keep yourself busy, not overwhelmingly; but have things to do so that you don’t sit around all the time again wondering what the point of this day is.
  • Eat well, balance a diet focusing on mood lifting foods filled with omega-3, serotonin, folate (a B vitamin), vitamin D. 
  • Drink healthy, too. Eliminate carbonated, sugar things such as soda. Teas are the best mood lifters (personal favorites of chamomile, green, and white tea). Drink enough water (eight 8oz glasses a day appx), dehydration can be a serious depressant. 
  • Research things you are curious about. Google is my best friend and smartest friend ;).
  • Go outside, appreciate the natural world. You will be surprised how much the sound of running water or birds can make you feel. Insta smile, insta grateful.
  • Be active, studies show daily and weekly physical activity prove for happier people. Physical activities also release serotonin which lighten your mood. 
  • Clean your living space. Sure, sometimes clutter is comfortable, but the activity of cleaning and the after product of what you did will make you feel better.
  • Go on a random adventure. Drive somewhere new, bike somewhere new, walk somewhere new. Explore!
  • Lay outside and star at the sky (day or night). There is so much out there.
  • Cloud shapes
  • Make up your own stories in the stars
  • Talk about your interests and likes to people, share what you know!
  • Know that it will ALWAYS get better. (“Everything will be okay in the end, if it is not okay then it is not the end.”)
  • Look at pictures of cute animals. They just kind of make things better without trying. ( Chameleons, tea cup piglets, kittens, giraffes, fishes, etc)
  • Make lists of how and why you are happy :)
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Magic 🌞

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Frida Kahlo

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Festival of the Wind, València 🐝

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Paris apartment view

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venice is gorgeous (more on my instagram)

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Xinru on the street in Harajuku wearing an all black look with a velvet kimono sleeve coat from the Japanese brand Merry Jenny over a Zara dress, fishnets, and platform creepers. Full Look

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Find the real ones!

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Mahalo 🌷

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