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Friday evening mood | foter


do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

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To bloom 🌼

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collecting memories | my entryway table

ig: peachy_gogh   |   twitter: peachygoghh

please don’t remove caption!

tag me in your posts #peachygoghh

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i found the cutest little art shop on the side of the road 🌻💐

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Good things:

• classical music playing in the background

• rain gently tapping the window

• warm baths on cold days

• fresh fruit eaten with intention

• learning a new song on the piano

• listening to a cat’s purr

• a hot cup of coffee in the morning

• stretching your muscles and releasing their tension

• sunlight filtering onto the pages of a book

• the sound of the wind flowing through uncut grass and branches

• movie nights with all the good snacks

• capturing a moment perfectly on film

• the colors of the sunset after a long day

• taking a bike ride with no particular destination

• writing on blank pages in a journal

• wandering around familiar places and discovering new things

• a good nap in the middle of the afternoon

• the heat of the sun gently caressing your face

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