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so few are free
🕊 ig: irlnicola


accidentally opening my front facing camera can easily throw me into a depression for at least 7 days

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apple juice 🍎

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im obsessed w physical closeness, romantically….not even sexually just if u date me it’s all hugging all the time we are gonna lay in bed and im gonna cuddle w u, we will stand in the kitchen and i will stand hip to hip w u, u will sit on the couch and i will stroke your hair and kiss your forehead….it’s so intoxicating as a concept

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In stitches, Sheena Liam

how to learn more about a person:


  • read the things they write
  • ask their go-to movies
  • observe the way they treat their pets
  • check out the songs they listen to
  • ask them if they prefer tea or coffee
  • converse with them under the stars
  • do they like summer over winter?
  • observe how they act when they’re mad
  • do they sleep with lights off or on?
  • when they watch the skies, do they observe the moon or the stars first?
  • would they rather eat alone?
  • how do they treat those who are ‘inferior’ to them?
  • the way they approach strangers when they’re lost
  • if they like texting better than calling
  • how they act when they’re scared
  • if they like rewriting their notes for an exam
  • during what situation do their eyes shine the brightest?
  • the things they say when they’re partly intoxicated
  • how they act when they’re alone and with their friends
  • how they look at the people they love
  • what is their most favorite thing about themselves?



songs for :-(

a playlist for when you’re alone with nothing to listen to but the rain, or perhaps you feel nothing at all / listen on spotify ─ here / my spotify ─ here

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thankful for flowers & friends that i love. i’m feeling very at peace this morning.

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